About looks & merit

Hannah Benak is a public relations executive in Birmingham, Alabama and the curator of Looks & Merit, which provides sensible style advice for women everywhere. Hannah's experience in the fashion industry includes work with ELLE Magazine, designer Billy Reid and fashion blogs. She is fiercely passionate about empowering women to feel great about their outfits and their accomplishments, because #looksandmerit are NOT mutually exclusive.

 what's up with the name?

I consider Looks & Merit to be the lemonade made from sour lemons. I was in a PR meeting with an executive of a company who was acquiring one of my long-time clients, when the man I was meeting with explained to me that it made him "nervous" to have me work in a PR capacity for the newly formed conglomerate, "because after I left meetings at their office, he had to explain to people whether I was there because of my looks or my merit." I was furious. I kept my composure to finish out the meeting but went home that night, got into a bubble bath with the largest glass of wine I've ever poured, and decided I was going to do something that made me happy. Looks & Merit was born shortly thereafter.

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