St. Patrick's Day Beauty

We picked up a few of our favorite green items from Sephora, and sure they look festive and green, but you should totally consider incorporating them into your routine. Especially if your St. Patrick's Day includes a little *too* much fun.

First up, OleHenriksen Oil Control Hydrator - if you want shine control that doesn't completely zap the moisture from your skin, this ingenious product is for you! Feel free to party the day away without worrying about excess shine.

At the end of the night, wash away the day with Boscia's MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil. It removes every trace of makeup, purifies your pores and has antiaging nutrients... what more could you ask for in a cleanser??

Finally, if you stayed out too late and woke up with puffy eyes, erase them with Sephora's green tea eye mask. A little preparation on the front end always pays dividends later, am I right?

Hannah Benak