Sunny Day Protection

Best sunscreen

I love the feeling of that post-summer-vacation glow... but you know what I don't love? Skin cancer. After my mom had melanoma years ago, followed by a number of subsequent scares, I decided I was going to get serious about my sunscreen products (and my self-tanner... more on that in a later post). I use and can vouch for every single product I've posted here!

1. If you're looking for a face moisturizer that works overtime in the anti-aging department thanks to healthy doses of antioxidants, your best bets are wonderful products like Clarins Multi-Active jour, Prevage or even the higher-SPF option from Chanel to keep your face and neck totally protected. 

2. For my super sensitive skin, I can't highly recommend Coppertone Clearly Sheer Whipped or Clarins Sunscreen Care Oil sprays enough! They stay on through all of your activities. And I firmly believe the SPF 30 is the perfect balance of full coverage for your body but still allows you to get a tan!

3. The Fresh Sugar SPORT sunscreen stick is my do-it-all sunscreen when I need to reapply on areas like my nose and lips - and it works like a charm whether I'm on the tennis court or the beach. The Fresh Rose lip balm is also a great tinted option with SPF 15.

4. When you want an all-in-one coverage sunscreen, the SuperGoop tinted CC cream definitely does the job!

5. Don't forget a sun hat! I love that this one from Madewell is perfectly packable and a very wearable shape... sometimes a big floppy hat is just a little much, you know? You'll see me in photos sporting this hat all summer, I can guarantee it.

6. Last but not least, when your skin feels super dry and in need of some TLC from a long day in the sun, cool down with this amazing Korres after sun product. It works wonders!


Hannah Benak