One Two Lash MAGNETIC Lashes

one two lash magnetic lashes

Have you guys heard about One Two Lash's magnetic lash strips yet?! As Bobbie Thomas put it when she unveiled them on the Today Show... these are totally a beauty breakthrough. A few months ago, I received a phone call from my mom who had seen that very Today Show segment. In true mom fashion she said I absolutely had to order them to try them out for Looks & Merit. So I did. (Thanks Mom!)

After patiently waiting on these to come in (Today Show recommendations pushed them over the edge with order fulfillment - good for them!) I can honestly say I am OBSESSED with these lashes. I have always said lashes make the biggest difference in your appearance and these are the perfect little amount of oomph to your look. FYI I ordered "Original Lash" but there is a bolder option available.

My tip for wearing them is to add a little extra mascara to the inner half of your lashes so that they look fuller before snapping the set of one two lashes onto your outer corners. It literally takes me two seconds to put them on now... but there was a learning curve the first few days. So don't give up on them if they aren't perfect your first few tries! You shop these and watch all of their how-to videos on the website linked below.

I cannot recommend these highly enough for a night out, photo session or just any day when you want to feel a little extra special. I actually wore them without any other makeup except mascara for a seaside day in Amalfi and I felt like a million bucks! They truly blend seamlessly with your natural lashes and are a phenomenal alternative to treatments like lash extensions.

Go buy them here!!

Hannah Benak