Best New Eyeshadow Palette

Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Palette

I'm a lover of eyeshadow... I find the process of applying makeup fun and therapeutic rather than tasking. And although I have certainly found a drugstore beauty item that I love from time to time (like this Cover Girl mascara or this pre-self-tanner scrub) most of my beauty items come from Sephora or department stores... aka... they come with a price tag and high expectations. I can spot a cheap eyeshadow with no color payoff and sparkle instead of shimmer (um, no thanks) from a mile away. So when I find a good eyeshadow, or eyeshadow palette in this case, I am SO excited to share it!

Enter the new Marc Jacobs Beauty Eye-Conic Multi-Finish eyeshadow palette. There are some amazing color palettes to choose from, but I chose "Scandalust" (which is #6 in the slider, below) for it's rich tones and great mix of colors and shimmer/matte shadows. I could not be happier with it. The shades are super buttery and all have amazing color payoff (read - you don't have to work hard to get the color to show up on your eyes) which also means this palette is going to last forever! Also there are plenty of ways to mix up the colors and achieve a perfectly neutral daytime look or a really glammed-up evening look. I'm totally guilty of resorting to black eyeshadow anytime I want a nighttime smoky eye look and this is going to be the perfect way to mix things up.

P.S. I'm also truly obsessed with this Marc Jacobs mascara, pictured above. If you're looking for volume in one or two easy swipes, this mascara is for you!

So, if you've been wearing the same eyeshadow every day for the last two years or if you're new to eyeshadow or if you're on the hunt for your next beauty purchase, I'd suggest you look at these Marc Jacobs Eye-Conic palettes! Shop them below!

Hannah Benak