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Maybe some people get the best, most glowing and radiant skin of their lives during pregnancy, however that has most definitely NOT been the case for me. At around 10 weeks, battling the worst acne I've ever had in my life and what I described as a "grey" complexion, I was desperate for something to help me look and feel like any version of my old self. I spent some time on good old trusty Google searching for terms like "safe acne treatment for pregnant people" and not too long into my search I came across an article about a pregnancy-safe skincare line from the brand Amareta Beauty & Wellness.

Amareta's entire line of skincare products are specifically formulated to fight pesky changes in our skin caused by hormonal shifts (like pregnancy). I absolutely love that everything Amareta makes is safe for me and baby and, best of all, WORKS! I've been using a few Amareta products (more on which specific ones, below) faithfully every morning and evening since it arrived in January, so I've been going strong for about 10 weeks. I cannot say enough great things about the Amareta products.

amareta cleanser

I have two different Amareta cleansers, the toner and the clarifying serum. I also use the Amareta belly oil. Here's the rundown of how I use these items and why I love them (and no, I'm not getting paid to say any of this... I just want to share with you guys why I think Amareta is such an excellent line of products):

  • Moon Light Brightening Gel Cleanser: I use it every morning in the shower. The smell is fabulous and just a few pumps give a lather that gently cleanses my skin without leaving it overly dry or feeling too stripped.
  • Petal Soft Cleansing Balm: This is a balm that turns into a magnificent oily cleanser with the most gentle exfoliants in it. I use it every night and this stuff melts away every. single. ounce. of makeup, dirt and oil from my face and then leaves it soft and with plenty of moisture intact. I am totally and completely obsessed with this cleanser. I'm about to start on my second jar of it.
  • Bright Side Balancing Toner: I pump a few drops of this toner into a cotton pad and swipe it all over my freshly cleansed face morning and evening and it makes my skin feel great. I don't know if it's keeping my pores in check or helping me regain a little brightness or locking in moisture or all of the above but I LOVE it!
  • Pure Peace Clarifying Serum: Full disclosure, the smell of this serum isn't for everyone. I don't mind it, but it's a little "spicy" smelling with hints of the tea tree oil and witch hazel extract. Even if you don't adore the smell, you'll find that you can get over that REAL quick because I'm convinced this serum is the reason my awful hormonal acne has been kept at bay. It WORKS! I use one pump of it on my face after using the toner and allow it to dry before I add my moisturizer (First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream user for life over here).
  • Grow Together Nourishing Belly Oil: Halfway into the pregnancy and so far, no stretch marks! The smell of this oil is so divine I can't even adequately express it. I wasn't super excited about the thought of slathering oil on my belly every day but I totally look forward to it thanks so this formula. Love it!
pregnancy skincare line
amareta anti stretch mark belly oil

Another crucial thing to note about this line of products is that is plays SO well with your sunscreen and makeup! That's a huge deal to me, because products that cause my makeup to go on unevenly or get flaky are a complete deal breaker.

Do I still have a few breakouts on my skin every now and then? Unfortunately, yes. Is my skin 10,000% better than it was 10 weeks ago? Abso-freaking-lutely. I have my normal color and even maybe a little glowiness back and even when I do have a pimple here and there pop up, it's a short-lived kind of situation. I am so happy to report that Amareta has brought my skin back to life (along with some old confidence, too). If you're struggling with hormonal acne and/or dullness... this line is for you, friends!!

Hannah Benak