Favorite Oribe Products

oribe best products

In honor of the Instagram giveaway I'm hosting with my friends from my fabulous salon Hairfolk, I wanted to give you guys the rundown on a few of my favorite Oribe products that I use religiously!

  1. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray - this stuff is the absolute holy grail of my hair product arsenal. The texture, grip, volume and separated-curl perfection it provides makes it hands-down the best hair product I've ever used. And I mean ever. And I haven't even described the heavenly smell yet. I get compliments on my "perfume" every time I'm standing near someone after I've used it. I'll lift my hair in sections around the roots and spray some here and there before a night out for a quick pick-me-up with volume. I turn my head upside down after I curl my hair (with my Harry Josh curling wand) and spray it directly into the curls separating them with my fingers and it is a game changer on how perfectly undone they look. I urge you to try to find a person who has tried this stuff and doesn't swear by it like me. If you haven't tried it before, sorry, you're about to be completely obsessed. And I know it ain't cheap... sorry. #worthit
  2. Apres Beach Wave and Shine Spray - the description on the side of the box says it all: get beach-to-bombshell hair - tousled, touchable waves with sun-kissed shine - without the salty stiffness. This could NOT be more true. How many of you have tried to sea-salt-spray your locks into beachy-looking submission only to end up looking like you've received a shock of electric current that dried your hair out into a frizzy, awful mess? Well, I have at least. This stuff makes your curls, existing or faux (like mine) look natural, healthy and sexy without the dried-out, crunchy feeling and texture of most beach sprays. It's so dang good.
  3. Cote d'Azur Nourishing Hand Creme - one tester of this stuff and I was hooked. It smells so rich and delicious, leaves no greasiness and this stuff lasts and lasts. Bonus, it could basically be the star item of your next #shelfie because of how beautiful the tube and coordinating "winding key" are. The key is as cool-looking as it is functional - it keeps you from wasting any of the product as it gently rolls down the tube over time and uses!
  4. Cote d'Azur eau de parfum Rollerball - The scent of this perfume is hard not to like. It's not too sweet, too musky, too floral or too spicy... it's just right and it. is. divine. I love the rollerball size for a quick touch-up of fragrance whether I'm headed to a meeting or headed to dinner after a tennis match (guilty). And in my opinion the smell after it dries down is even more divine than at the beginning, which is hard to find in my experience. It's amazing!

NOW - have you entered the giveaway yet?! Good luck! And if you read this after the giveaway has passed, just buy this stuff anyway. You can purchase anything online by visiting the Hairfolk salon or their website here then just scroll down and click the Oribe "Show Now" icon! You will not be disappointed by this amazing line!

Hannah Benak