Quick Daily Makeup Routine



and after!

and after!

A quick daily makeup routine that makes you feel polished but not overly made-up should be in your wheelhouse. Morning makeup application definitely doesn’t need to be stressful or overthought. I’ve pared my routine down just to the basics, and can always skip a step or two (like highlighter or liquid eyeshadow) if I’m even more pressed for time and it’s not a big deal.

Here’s a breakdown of all of the products I use, in order, in my morning makeup routine that takes less than 10 minutes!

To quickly recap the steps of my routine, in order, I use:

  1. Priming moisturizer

  2. Damp BeautyBlender

  3. Chanel foundation

  4. Concealer

  5. Wowder setting powder (I linked the version WITH the brush and without)

  6. Liquid highlighter on cheekbones

  7. Liquid eyeshadow on lids (make sure you buy the L-54 shade, that’s my exact shade I use!)

  8. Liquid eyeliner (sensing a theme here…. haha)

  9. Bronzer

  10. Blush

  11. Boybrow eyebrow gel (I use brown)

  12. Eyelash curler (I’m very partial to the Shu Eumura one)

  13. Mascara

  14. It’s worth noting that I use Rodan & Fields lash boost a few nights a week. I’ve tried every lash-boosting product out there and nothing compares to this stuff. Holy grail product. So… see your R&F consultant and buy yourself a tube. It lasts FOREVER and you’ll see results within 6-8 weeks!

Hannah Benak