Recent (Epic) Sephora Purchases

epic Sephora purchases

It’s a phrase heard around the Benak household once every month or so… “we should buy stock in Sephora.”

And, it’s kind of true. I have a true Sephora addiction. Sephora owns me. It’s my happy place and it carries almost all of my favorite beauty brands and all kinds of beautifully packaged things that I ABSOLUTELY need to try! Right? Especially because, duh, no brainer, it’s just the travel sized version! (Anyone else? Travel sized section in the checkout line get you every time?) Yeah. I’ve got a problem.

Last year I was going in to re-up on my beloved Marc Jacobs mascara so often, at which point, obviously, I would see something else I needed and walk out after a cool $130 expenditure, I knew I needed to cool my jets. So, I switched to a drugstore formula of mascara to keep myself out of the store as often as possible. It helped, a little bit. :)

However, there are a few recent Sephora purchases I’ve made that are absolute favorites. They’re GOLD, I tell ya! Here are a few highlights of the products:

  • Bronzer brush - you actually wouldn’t believe how much better my bronzer application is with this brush. It’s wow-worthy. And it’s not as much of a splurge as some of the super high-end brushes with all of the payoff (in a travel-friendly size WITH a velvet carrying case)!

  • Cellulite cream - how many cellulite creams out there are just fake and a total waste of money? I’d estimate about 95% of them. So, despite the overwhelmingly positive and glowing reviews, I was skep-ti-cal of this product to say the least. Well. It’s a damn miracle worker. I repeat. IT’S A MIRACLE WORKER. I’ve never struggled with cellulite in a big way until the postpartum stage. What the actual…. it’s terrible! It was just there! All of a sudden! Like a terrible gift that was left behind and was NOT going away. I have been sad, angry, you name it. I love my legs and I was pissed about this new dimply enemy. Well, folks, I wish I spent less time being skeptical and more time taking “before” photos because after about a month of daily use, the backs of my legs and lower portion of my, ahem, size-able, derriere look (almost) like I’m back in college! This. stuff. works. Buy it immediately. APPLY IT PROPERLY LIKE THE DIRECTIONS SAY! I’m convinced this is the method to this magical madness.

  • The best moisturizer for looking glowy, even on those days you’re going makeup-free (I re-upped on this product)

  • Alpha-beta facial peel pads - (Another re-up purchase). Buy these. If you want your expensive face serums and such to absorb into your skin, you need to be using something like these.

  • Vitamin-C Serum - this stuff is a gift. Definitely seeing results. Also see point above.

  • New foundation find - Y’all. It’s REALLY good. Not too sheer, not thick or cakey at all, and the perfect amount of coverage (especially for the summer).

  • Toner - this was something I felt I should add to my beauty routine so I have been searching for and this one is so balanced and fresh-feeling. Obsessed.

  • Eyeshadow stick - it was becoming increasingly difficult to find my tried and true cream eyeshadow in my go-to color so I’ve recently discovered this gem and am really loving it! The color is nearly identical, the stay-on power is excellent and - bonus - it’s arguably easier to apply!

  • New dry shampoo by my favorite (dry shampoo) brand! - It seems to be the same amazing formula we know and love in a totally clear and deliciously-scented version! I also bought the travel blowdryer by this brand but haven’t used it yet - will report back.

Shop all of these products below:

Extra, Extra - One NEW addition to this list… an ah-mazing liquid eyeliner! Shop it below:

Hannah Benak