LAKE Pajamas

lake pajamas

Without a doubt LAKE pajamas are the most comfortable pj’s you’ll ever own. Made with 100% Pima cotton, this short set (pictured above in Pine) is luxuriously soft and simultaneously super breathable. These next-level-cute pajamas come in multiple patterns and combos and eliminate the embarrassment of wearing your pj’s around family and friends. Embarrassing sleepwear? I’ve donned plenty of it. My friends love to tell a summer lake house trip story that involves me on hands and knees searching for a lost earring back on a bathroom floor in too-short silky pj shorts when one of my BFF’s and her husband walked in… not pretty… mortifying, actually. (Sorry, Maggie & Kyle.) Moral of the story: I would have looked cuter and more appropriate if I had been sporting LAKE pajamas in that moment. If you don’t already own a pair, you’re missing out. So go up your pj game!!

Hannah Benak