In My Carry on (for Int'l Flights)

Carry on essentials

I am not one of those people who can fall asleep easily on a flight. However, armed with a few creature comforts, I've learned I can not only sleep on a long-haul / international flights but also take advantage of all of the down time with some excellent products to counteract all of the dry air that's wreaking havoc on my skin. Here's a breakdown of some of my favorite products to use to wind down and enjoy a long flight and arrive looking fresh as a daisy. Then shop my picks below!

The Dr. Dennis Gross alpha-beta universal daily peel pads are absolutely glorious. The two-step system combats signs of aging, diminishes the look of pores and leaves skin smooth and evenly-toned. I LOVE these things.

The perfect serum to complement your freshly "peeled" face is Ole Henriksen's Invigorating Night Transformation Gel.

I'm a fan of all things Glamglow - especially their original TingleExfoliate mask - but for flights, nothing hydrates better (or smells better!) than the ThirstyMud super-hydrating mask (pictured above). PRO TIP: grab a few of the Sephora plastic tester pots next time you're in the store. I use them to bring just the right amount of products like my ThirstyMud treatment so I don't have to lug the entire tub of it.

I love the scent and super hydrating but non-greasy formula of the Bliss lemon + sage body butter. It's the perfect hand cream for a long flight.

If you need a middle of the flight or just before deplaning pick-me-up... there's nothing I've found that I like better than FAB's vitamin hydrating mist. A few spritzes and your skin feels totally refreshed and you feel more awake.

Kopari's lip love is HANDS DOWN my new favorite lip balm. No competition. You'll wake up after 8 hours of sleep with perfectly hydrated lips.

A few other essentials I always make sure are in my carry on: makeup remover wipes, Visine, Bumble & Bumble hairdresser's oil to keep static at bay, a great sleep mask and ear plugs, a travel pillow (the TravelRest pillow totally works wonders for me), Emergen-C, sanitizing wipes, protein bars and a great pair of sunglasses to help your body adjust to your new time zone.

Shop my favorites below and you're all set for your next international flight!

Hannah Benak