The world's best robe?


I don't know about you, but I've spent a significant amount of time looking for the perfect robe. I want my robe to be something that I truly look forward to wearing whether I'm getting ready for my day or relaxing after a long one. It also needs to be one that I'd be comfortable wearing around visitors, one that isn't too thick or too thin, is comfortable yet stylish, has pockets and is definitely machine washable... I know, I know, this seems like a lot of requirements, but I knew this had to be out there somewhere.

Enter the Lunya robe. It meets all of my requirements plus some!! The adjustable neckline is absolutely amazing. I love how the waist tie is fully sewn on in the back (so there's no more losing the tie through the loops... story of my life). I adore the tapered length from front to back, and it's perfect no matter your height because the bottom isn't hemmed and therefore can be trimmed to your liking. Also, I've recently discovered that the panel down your back is terrycloth to absorb the moisture from freshly washed hair. Brilliant!

All in all, I'm obsessed. I look forward to wearing it every single day. It's definitely not the cheapest item you've ever bought... but just think about the cost per wear here. It's so worth it. To Lunya: thank you SO much for making my robe dreams come true!

UPDATE #1: I have been asked multiple times by friends when wearing this robe, say on vacation, oh hey what is that dress I really like it. Case in point… when people are mistaking your ROBE for a DRESS… you have a winner, people!

UPDATE #2: I now own this robe in both white AND black (yes I am a diva and no I’m . not sorry about it. I wanted the black version for when I was in the hospital after giving birth). Also, they just debuted “The Robe” in a beautiful charcoal color too.

You can shop any of the colors below! All. the. praise. hands.

Hannah Benak