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Ava bracelet review

How do I even begin to describe how glad I am that I made the jump (and the expenditure) and just bought the Ava bracelet when we decided it was time to start trying to conceive last year. I'll try to count the reasons in the (short novel, sorry) below.

First, I have endometriosis. After years and years of OB's telling me "I probably just had ovarian cysts" and struggling with completely debilitating pain that accompanied each cycle, I convinced my doctor at the time that I most likely had endo and then underwent the surgery to confirm and "clean up" the damage it was doing inside of body. After the surgery, the doctor confirmed the disease and told me to understand that it was possible I would never be able to conceive. I accepted it but never fully believed it. I also, shortly thereafter, found a new doctor (a reproductive endocrinologist... and if you're looking for the most amazing one of all time I can NOT recommend Dr. Gordon Bates and his team at UAB Women's and Infants enough) that would help me through a series of treatments to keep my endometriosis "under control".

After more than a decade of certain treatments, which included six years with no period (I took a birth control pill every single day, with no breaks, which kept the disease from growing), it was finally time to see if it was in the cards for us to be able to conceive. My doctor started off the process with a dye test "to see what the plumbing looked like" and, miraculously, everything looked pretty good! But I still continued taking my pill every day trying to find the right time. I was in New York City for fashion week and decided there was no time like the present. I left my birth control pills in my hotel room when I left to catch my flight home. I was terrified. I had managed to make it through all of my post-college "adult" life pretty much pain free so that I could carry on with my life like a normal human. I never had to call into work sick or miss a meeting, I never had to stay home instead of going to a football game with friends, I never forfeited a tennis match... the list goes on... life with no cycle was GREAT!

All I knew was that I didn't know anything except I wanted it to happen quickly. I did research on playing to the best odds of conceiving each month, and it all was coming from people who had some general idea of what their cycle was like. I hadn't had a cycle in six years!! I didn't know when or how long it would take my cycle to return, I didn't know if it would be "regular", I obviously didn't know if or when I would definitely ovulate during my cycle, the list goes on. What I DID know was that I couldn't handle being in pain every month and miss important days of my life because of endometriosis if it took us a long time to conceive. (And yes, after my period returned I left work in a cold sweat, unable to drive myself home or even form full sentences because of the amount of pain I was in... twice). I knew I needed some intel on my body off of the Pill. I had seen some ads and Instagram celebs touting how amazing the Ava bracelet was. After some research, I ordered my Ava immediately. Do your own research on the Ava site here!

Ordering the Ava bracelet was the greatest thing I could have done. I wasn't just proceeding into this unchartered territory blindly, I was gaining knowledge and a seriously amazing understanding of my body as I slept each night. I logged additional symptoms when I had them, I saw how my most stressful days at work affected me, I understood how long and how well I was sleeping and how that affected my days. I knew when I would ovulate and a set of days that led up to ovulation that would maximize our chances of conception. Month one, Ava was smart enough to know I never ovulated on the day it had predicted, and moved it back a day. I bought ovulation predictor kits to test if Ava actually knew... and it was right on the money, every time. I was able to keep track of EVERYTHING... what a gift.

Go to sleep wearing the bracelet, sync it with the app the next morning, then forget about it. Ava was taking all of the guesswork out of the "TTC" process and giving me a ton of insight and I was totally obsessed.

When I had none of my usual pre-period symptoms on the day when my third cycle should have began, I decided to take a pregnancy test. It was positive. Obviously I will never know if God just decided it was time for us or if it really was the Ava bracelet but I know for an absolute fact that using the Ava bracelet did nothing but increase our chances of conceiving.

The best part about the Ava bracelet us that it's not just to use pre-conception. I switched it over to pregnancy mode after the doctor confirmed we were expecting and am still tracking so many important factors in pregnancy like my pulse rate, temperature, stress, sleep quality AND weight! It's so amazing to be able to keep track of everything and to log my weight, so I have been able to make sure I stay on track with "normal" weight gain - not gaining too much or too little. It's a small reassurance syncing the bracelet with my phone every morning and being able to read all of the week-by-week pregnancy information it gives me.

If you're thinking about buying the Ava bracelet, stop contemplating it and JUST BUY IT! You will love it and I'm a firm believer that you will have a much deeper/clearer understanding of your body, conceive more quickly, and be constantly reassured by using it.

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**And, Ava team, if you read this post, I can't thank you enough for making this product for women out there that want straight answers about their lifestyles/cycles and the guesswork taken out of the conception process.

Our "Ava baby" is due, funny enough, on our 5th wedding anniversary... July 27th 2018!


Hannah Benak