Babymoon: Location & Packing List!

What to Pack for Bermuda

I am so excited about our upcoming getaway for our babymoon in THREE days! Matt is my absolute favorite person to travel with. He's the best planner, always finds fun and unique things to do and places to see and manages to, without fail, find the perfect restaurants no matter where we go. So, where are we headed? Beautiful Bermuda for a week!

Bermuda is Zika-free, beachy, and only a short flight from Birmingham. We've heard such great things from friends and are even renting an amazing little smart car called a Renault Twizy so we can poke around the island on our own time for a few days. Get ready for Instagram photo overload.

Now, on to the fun part... what I'm packing for Bermuda! If there's one thing you should know about me it's that I changed my life (maybe a little dramatic but whatever) and utter disdain for packing by one simple trick - the list! Here's how it works: I list out, day-by-day, BEFORE I pack for the trip, what I'm wearing every day and every evening, down to shoes and purses based on what our activities, weather, types of restaurants, and other factors will be. I have fun coordinating my wardrobe before I leave and then, I know what I'm packing when it's time to throw everything in a suitcase. And I NEVER waste precious vacay time deciding what to wear because I simply reference the list. If you don't use this method and you hate packing you should try it because I promise it's pure magic!

A number of the items I'm bringing on this vacation are new (or rented, thanks RTR!) because pregnancy means the majority of my existing wardrobe, especially things like bathing suits and cover-ups were not fitting me. SO I've linked as many of the items I'm packing here so you guys can get a sense of what I'm wearing and shop my picks.

Hannah Benak