Chunky Sweater Game, Strong

chunky knit sweater

I know you guys are as obsessed with chunky sweaters as I am. But what makes for a great one? I have a few thoughts about what separates the good ones from the pack. AND who doesn't want to get ahead of the game with some early Black Friday shopping. Let's discuss!

  • Texture: Look for a nice weave and a mix of textures through body and sleeves, but don't overdo it with texture as it can add (unwanted) pounds to your frame easily!
  • Weight: The sign of a nice chunky knit sweater is one that has a bit of weight to it, it's not light as air
  • Fabric: Check labels to make sure items are machine washable if that's a deal breaker for you! Also, make sure it doesn't look like it's going to pill after one wear.
  • Color: Stick to neutral colors for a classic look that goes with everything. Most of the ones I've linked below are cream... sorry, I can't help myself
  • Body length: Consider a cropped length for higher waisted pieces (like denim, skirts and work pants like the ones I'm wearing above) and longer lengths for leggings and skinny pants

Some of these items are already on sale for Black Friday, but for the ones that aren't... PRO TIP: Go ahead and add them to your cart, so when Black Friday hits, they're saved to your cart and all you have to do is wake up and hit "checkout". Easy, right?

Shop through 20 of my favorite chunky knit sweater finds below!

P.S. - If you want to buy the exact sweater I'm wearing in the photo, above, you can find it here! I bought the S/M for reference.

Hannah Benak