Swimsuit Round Up: Florals

floral bikinis

Say it with us... you HATE swimsuit shopping. We hear you! Over the next few weeks we're delivering our hand-picked favorites from a number of brands at a number of price points. First up, three options in season-appropriate floral prints that we think are flattering across the board. Styles, from left to right:

1. Zimmerman Oleander Wide Tri Bikini - the cut of this top is so flattering and sophisticated. We also love the mix of colors with the white background, and you can trust Zimmerman has thoroughly lined this suit. Although it's the most expensive option of the three, we know it's a style and print you'll be able to wear and love for years.

2. Triangl Delilah bikini in Fiore Giallo - if you're not familiar with this Australian-based swimwear company who makes some of the best-fitting and most reasonably-priced suits out there, we suggest you visit the Triangl website ASAP. Formerly known for their super bright neoprene bikinis, the brand has since expended their offerings with swimsuits featuring fabrics like luxe Italian velvet. There's so much good to choose from there but this yellow floral stunner is definitely one of our favorites. Bonus, you can choose from a regular or cheeky bottom!

3. Maaji Seaside Picturesque Classic Bra Top Bikini - Maaji has so many great basic styles, but the print on this one and the fact that the top is reversible from front to back (not inside out... um, amazing!) just totally sold us. Our advice? Switch up which style you wear depending on your level of activity. We love it either way! This is another option we think you'll love season after season.

Stay tuned for our next swimsuit post, coming soon!

Hannah Benak