Music Festival Style

Sloss Fest 2016

Sloss Fest 2016

Here in Birmingham, Alabama, Sloss Fest (our annual two-day music fest) is nearly upon us. Enter the fashion conundrum... what to wear to the festival when A. you're dealing with serious heat and humidity and B. you're an adult.

Let's start with how NOT to dress, AKA attending a music festival as an adult, with a job. With Sloss Fest being in the same city in which I live and own a business, it's an absolute certainty that I will bump into clients and other work-related people. This is not, I repeat not, the time you want to find yourself sporting a bikini top and the tiniest denim cutoffs known to mankind... even though this look is so captivating on all of the VS models and celebrities attending Coachella. With that in mind, I'm all about dressing for whatever I'm attending, and music festivals are the perfect time to show off a more fun and unique side of your wardrobe. But as an adult, this means something entirely different now than it did to our 18-year-old selves.

Secondarily, the heat. My makeup is running just thinking about it. Sloss Fest is set primarily in non-shaded fields (that sit adjacent to an old iron-producing blast furnace, which is pretty darn cool) in Alabama in July. It's not going to be warm, it's going to be really, really hot out there. Especially during the day. I have yet to attend Sloss Fest wearing anything other than a (cute) sports bra under my outfit. So all of those leather jacket, maxi dress and cute western boot wearing folks at Coachella have that luxury, but we most definitely do not at Sloss Fest.

So how do you show off your music fest personality, be an adult about it, wear something weather-approproate AND look totally amazing?! Start with one piece and build around it!

Have an amazing vintage t-shirt (or vintage-look band tee like these from Manhattan South!) you're wanting to wear? Build the rest of your outfit off of it. Pair it with high-waisted denim cutoffs and cute low-top sneakers then add a bandana tied around your neck for an added pop of color.

Go easy-breezy with a one-and-done outfit like a romper or flowy mini dress and add fun sandals and a fringe crossbody bag - voila! Have an amazing bodysuit or even one-piece swimsuit? Throw a wrap skirt or cotton shorts over it and sport some sneakers and you're good to go.

Tie up your favorite muscle tank and pair it with cotton shorts, sandals or perforated booties and a lightweight kimono - done!

We're here to help and have broken down a few categories with a selection of favorite festival-appropriate purchases in each, below.

1. Cutoff shorts/skirts, printed shorts or cotton pull-on shorts:

2. Muscle tanks, crop tops, band tees and bodysuits:

3. Rompers and dresses:

4. Lightweight kimonos

5. Shoes

6. Accessories (hats, scarves and crossbody bags with fringe)

Also check out our Pinterest board for some of our favorite music fest looks! See you at Sloss Fest!

UPDATE: Hunter Boots ended up saving our lives at Sloss Fest 2017... so here are a few of my favorite pairs in case you don't already own a pair! I own the "refined" style and am a much bigger fan of them than the traditional chunky look of the "Tour" boots.

Hannah Benak