RTR Unlimited

Rent the Runway Unlimited for Maternity Clothes

It's an absolute MUST!

When my girlfriend Emily (who is five weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy) told me that Rent the Runway has maternity clothes I was majorly intrigued!! The concept is brilliant! Here's how it works and a few of my RTR outfits so far...

First things first, it's important to note that the vast majority of the items I've rented so far are actually NOT maternity clothes! Rent the Runway does a beautiful job of organizing clothes and their picks by first, second and third trimester so you can see some options for each stage. Like, for example, when you're not big enough for maternity clothes but are seriously bloated and dealing with a new set of ta-ta's in the first trimester but not sharing the news far and wide yet so you need some loose fitting (but still fashionable) pieces... boy do they have options for you!

For less than what you'd pay for one pair of designer maternity jeans, you can rent four pieces at a time (including designer maternity denim!!) that are totally in style, and make you feel beautiful and fashion-forward. Several of the pieces in my photos below are brand new items, meaning Looks & Merit followers could rent or buy the pieces if they fell in love with them.

The process is super easy, just send pieces back as you like and select new ones. My tips for making the most of your unlimited subscription (maternity or otherwise) are:

  • Look at your calendar and know what you have coming up! If you anticipate what your social calendar and the weather looks like, you'll be prepared with the right pieces at the right time! I've rented pretty blouses for nights out, gorgeous work-appropriate dresses for big meetings and even a maxi dress for a Florida getaway recently.
  • Start a favorites folder! Be aware that pieces you love are not always going to be available in your size... so start favoriting those items and then check on them often. Chances are, your size will come available in a week or two and you'll be excited to rent that item.
  • Look beyond the suggested items for each trimester if you're pregnant! I've found some regular non-maternity gems and ordered a size up to be sure they'd fit the bump and they worked perfectly.
  • Rent pieces you wouldn't buy!! The silk floral Equipment button-down dress is probably more than I'd spend on that type of dress, which is why is makes it a perfect item to rent! Look for items in bold prints or colors that you wouldn't normally invest in and start having more fun with your wardrobe because you CAN!

Click on any of my photos for links to rent or buy (if applicable) any of them! And, of course, let me know if you have any questions!

This is a gorgeous Tory Burch blouse AND a pair of J. Brand Maternity jeans from our gender reveal party with our families... both RTR Unlimited!

This is a gorgeous Tory Burch blouse AND a pair of J. Brand Maternity jeans from our gender reveal party with our families... both RTR Unlimited!

Hannah Benak