Interesting White Tops for Summer

cecilie bahnsen blouse

If I were forced to choose only one color for blouses in my closet, hands-down I would choose white. There’s something so crisp and sophisticated about a white shirt. White tops go with e v e r y t h i n g and look chic no matter the fabric. I will throw on a casual white tee with a dressy midi skirt and suddenly, it’s work-appropriate. I’ll soften up a still pair of denim with a feminine white blouse. The possibilities are endless. Since my love for a beautiful white blouse knows no end, I have rounded up some of the best white tops I’ve seen lately - all of which have one thing in common: interesting details - for you guys to shop.

There are some affordable options, some splurge-worthy options and a lot of in between. And don’t write off the more expensive options you guys. There’s a reason a few of my pricier white blouses are STILL hanging in my closet and on rotation regularly… a good white top is totally invaluable. Hope you love these as much as I do!

Hannah Benak