Las Vegas, but Make it Fashion

I love a good weekend in Las Vegas. My husband likes to gamble, I like to shop (understatement of the century), and we both like to spend some down time hanging poolside, relaxing in spas and enjoying amazing restaurants. Despite what you might think, Vegas is a fantastic place to unwind! Beyond all of the normal sin-city stigmas attached to Las Vegas, I think the worst is that too many people seem to think the only acceptable outfits are sequin-clad, tight and short. Yikes. Having a sense of what’s fashion-forward shouldn’t go out the window because you might be heading to a show or club, am I right? Below is a guide to some low-key beautiful, fun and perfectly Vegas-esque items, #looksandmerit style, that are perfect to pack for your next trip to Vegas. There are some daytime options as well as some for a night out (and a few overpriced pairs of heels, because, Vegas).

Hannah Benak