Upgrade your Belt Game with the Shopbop Sale

I have been a loyal fan of a waist belt since I can remember. My friends in college always marveled at the fact that I had more statement belts than I did earrings. Once the Gucci belt trend came in hot years ago, I stayed on a waitlist on gucci.com to get the exact color/size I wanted for four months before receiving my long-awaited GG belt. My gold-studded Valentino belt was my birthday gift that same year. In my opinion, there’s no single more versatile item in your closet that can take just about ANY outfit and make it better than a good belt.

As much as I am a huge believer in the power of a belt, I also think a cheap belt can ruin an outfit. If I’m buying an item from a fast-fashion retailer like H&M that comes with a belt, 99% of the time I’m going to remove that belt and replace it with my own to make that piece look more expensive. Waist belts made have made a huge return this season and there are so many good ones out there, so I figured why don’t we all use the current Shopbop sale as a catalyst for buying a new belt (or two) that’s really going to change the game for some of your outfits.

I’ve varied the types of belts here, so you’ll find western, animal print, suede, studded, braided and everything in between. Shop my picks at 20-25% off below (and hurry - these picks will go back up to full price soon)!

** Don’t forget, if you’re buying a belt that’s meant for the hips you’ll need to size down to wear it as a waist belt!

Just in case you’ve been coveting a Gucci belt, I wanted to link up mine (the dusty pink version / most-worn belt of all time) and a few of the newer styles that I’m drooling over…

Hannah Benak